• Third Option Capital is a micro private equity firm focused on investing in profitable digital businesses with revenues of

    $1 million - $5 million.

  • Our Approach


    Third Option Capital invests in businesses with strong brands built by savvy entrepreneurs. We share a common passion for building brands that customers love to share with their friends. We pick up right where you left off and carry your passion in the business forward to take it to the next level.


    In addition to capital, we add value to the business through a platform that applies financial rigor, supply chain expertise, marketing and consumer behavior strategies to each brand in our portfolio. Our platform and people enable brands to reach their full potential.

  • Investment Criteria

    Investment Type

    100%. We look to purchase businesses out right. We offer competitive valuations coupled with the highest net cash proceeds at close.

    Company Type

    We are primarily focused on small to medium sized Direct to Consumer brands, Private Label ecommerce companies, and content websites.

    Company Size

    Revenues between $1 million and $5 million

    EBITDA between $250k and $1.5 million

    Company Characteristics

    We love to see companies with the following qualities:

    Historical and projected growth

    Recurring revenue streams

    Differentiated and unique product

    Patents, trademarks, audiences, and other barriers to entry

    Passionate customers and community

  • Portfolio

    Barista Warrior, equip your inner barista

    Method Matters.

    Barista Warrior is here to inspire, educate, and equip the aspiring home barista. We believe that the best coffee does not come from coffee machines, and not even from boutique coffeehouses, but from the kitchen in your home. There is real value in the act of manually brewing your own coffee to perfection. We are here to inspire your inner barista, to equip you with the best tools for your home barista journey, and to be your guide along every step.

    Product Management Toolkit

    A curated directory of resources & tools for Product Managers by Product Managers

    The product management toolkit is a curated directory of tools, books, articles, podcasts, communities, and job boards for Product Managers.

    Watchely, Dealer-only watch marketplace

    Watchely (Wound down 2020)

    Dealer-only Watch Markerplace

    Founded in 2017 by Third Option Partner Casey Allen, Watchely was a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade luxury watches at wholesale. Additionally, Watchely was a business platform providing servicing/repair, theft check, and authentication services at discounted rates to members.