We buy and grow amazing digital businesses.

We're a micro private equity firm focused on investing in profitable digital businesses with revenues of $1 million - $5 million.

third option capital partners with businesses and entrepreneurs

OUR approach


Third Option Capital invests in businesses with strong brands built by savvy entrepreneurs. We share a common passion for building brands that customers love to share with their friends. We pick up right where you left off and carry your passion in the business forward to take it to the next level.

Long Term

We take the long view on each business. We plan on sticking with it for the long term and like to stay with businesses over long horizons.


In addition to capital, we add value to the business through a platform that applies financial rigor, supply chain expertise, marketing and consumer behavior strategies to each brand in our portfolio. Our platform and people enable brands to reach their full potential.

Our Criteria

Investment Type

Investment Type

100%. We look to purchase businesses out right. We offer competitive valuations coupled with the highest net cash proceeds at close.

Company Type

Company Type

We are primarily focused on small to medium sized Direct to Consumer brands, Private Label ecommerce companies, and content websites.

Company Size

Company Size

Revenues between $1M and $5M

EBITDA between $250k and $1.5M

our Companies

Barista Warrior

Barista Warrior


Barista Warrior is here to inspire, educate, and equip the aspiring home barista. We believe that the best coffee does not come from coffee machines, and not even from boutique coffeehouses, but from the kitchen in your home.

Barista Warrior was started in 2015 and has sold over $4 million in coffee equipment and coffee products as well as accumulated 10,000 customer reviews.  

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Interactive Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics

Math education platform

IntMath is new Math Education Platform, powered by AI and humans. By combining the power of a proprietary STEM large language models with a computational engine we've created a math aid more accurate than any foundational LLMs, more flexible than a calculator and faster than a human tutor.

IntMath was started in 1997, and quickly became the go to resource for math lessons and interactives, and has evolved to a platform delivering AI assisted math help, human tutoring, that now attracts Millions of students each year.

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full stack product as a service

Unlimited product management, strategy, design, marketing delivered by a top-tier product and design team for a fraction of the cost of an traditional employee.

A new model - Product as a Service for startups and founders. Flat monthly subscription fee, no more FTE overhead, no more on-boarding, no more micro-managing.

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